Master the Mat, Survive the Streets & Conquer Life: The Crazy Monkey' Way!

What is The School of Crazy Monkey?

Welcome to the School of Crazy Monkey Virtual Mat, a unique online academy masterminded by Dr. Rodney King ('Coach'). This is where modern martial arts enthusiasts gather to not only master effective self-preservation techniques but also to learn the art of thriving in the everyday battles of life.

At the heart of the School of Crazy Monkey lies an innovative approach that seamlessly blends practical self-preservation skills with strategies to navigate any challenge life throws your way. This platform stands apart in its integration of real-world combat readiness and personal growth, all grounded in the latest research in human flourishing.

What's the result?

A holistic training experience that honours martial arts traditions while embracing the dynamics of the present. Here, you'll sculpt not just your body but also your mind and spirit into their strongest, most resilient forms. You will emerge not only as a skilled martial artist but as a beacon of calm, focus, and readiness for life's diverse challenges.

Dive into this transformative journey now. Embrace the opportunity to evolve, grow, and become a part of our global community. Enrol as a student today and start shaping your path to excellence in both martial arts and life!

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Elevate your journey with the School of Crazy Monkey by becoming a certified trainer. Step into a role that transcends the status-quo of martial arts instruction, joining a worldwide network committed to excellence and life transformation. As a Crazy Monkey Trainer, you'll be at the forefront of a movement that's not just about mastering fighting skills, but also about empowering lives through the lens of modern science and human flourishing. Be a catalyst for change, inspire growth, and lead by example. Begin your journey as a Crazy Monkey Trainer today and make a lasting impact!